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Alisa Sobchak

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I am a busy mom who was introduced to Scentsy by a friend.  I immediately fell in love with it!  I quickly decided to join to be able to purchase these wonderful products at a discount in addition to gifting Scentsy to everyone.  I absolutely love how safe, economical, and beautiful Scentsy products are.  What I thought was something just for me quickly spiraled into something that I couldn't stop talking about!  I was seeing the excitement of family and friends just from smelling all of the different scents.  Everyone was falling in love with it and then I truly saw the opportunity with this company.Launching this business as a full time career has opened my eyes to the fact that these products bring pleasure and enjoyment into people's lives.  More so, I am able to reach out in the community by helping organizations of all types raise money for their cause.  Scentsy places extreme importance on generosity, I am proud to be able to do the same.My children and I started a program called Project Snuggle.  Project Snuggle allows kids to reach out to other kids in need.  In January 2012, we were able to donate 60 Scentsy Buddies to University of Maryland Children's Hospital!  My children and I have so much gratitude to those who contributed to this cause.  Project Snuggle is looking for more ways to help, if you would like more information or if you would like to contribute, please email me.This business opportunity is an absolute blessing and I am so fortunate to have a hand in, what is soon to be direct selling history! Saving homes and changing lives, replacing one candle at a time!Have you ever considered what direct sales can do for you and your family?  For more information contact me or click here.<!--endbody-->

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